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How do I get started?
Schedule to attend a seminar by calling 336-878-6340. The doctors walk you through the process step by step. At the conclusion of the lecture, each will answer any questions that you have.

How do I get started if I live out of town?
Print the manual and refer to page 27 for the Required Components for you SGB/Band packet, this is your checklist of things you need to complete before coming to our office.

How do I know if my insurance covers weight loss surgery?
You can read your policy or you may contact our office and we will verify your benefits.

Do we take Medicaid?

Is it required to come back for follow up care?
YES, it is required to come following the first week, the first month, after six months and annually after the first year. Gastric banding patients may need to come to the office more to receive adjustments for their bands.

How long does will it take before I can schedule my surgery?
The process varies from patient to patient. The main step in preparing for surgery includes completing a packet and returning it into our office. Insurance and obtaining pre-certification are also considerations for gauging how long it will take.

Does everyone have to have Psychological Evaluation?
Yes, it has to be done by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. It can NOT be done by a social worker.

How long will my stay be in the hospital?
The typical stay is one night. Most patients go home the next day.

How long do I need to plan to be off work?
Many people take off 2 weeks, but some people return to work sooner, depending on the physical requirements of your job. If you do a lot of lifting greater than 10 lbs, you may need to be out of work for 3-4 weeks.”