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Heart Strides

Getting You Back In Stride

Heart Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program of Carolina Regional Heart Center, is designed for people who are suffering from heart or lung disease. Participants work toward a healthy recovery supervised by a team of skilled professionals. Through exercise, nutrition, counseling, education and behavior modification, cardiac and pulmonary patients in our community are making great strides toward and independent an healthy lifestyle.

Cardiac Rehab

Heart Strides Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed specifically for patients who have had cardiovascular surgery or intervention, heart attack or other heart conditions. The program moves the patient along the road of recovery through several stages. Recovery begins in the hospital and continues through to a maintenance program where patients continue to practice the heart healthy lifestyle they learned in the early phases of rehab.

Exercise Therapy

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab provides exercise therapy as a means to improve the patient's condition and prevent future complications. Individual exercise programs are prescribed by an exercise specialist and are conducted in a group setting.


A registered dietitian evaluates the participant's nutritional history and advises changes to help develop a healthy eating plan. Basic nutrition and cooking classes are also provided by the dietitian.

Job Counseling

Participants often require vocational rehab when returning to work is an issue. Employment counseling is provided when needed by a vocational rehab counselor.

Pulmonary Rehab

High Point Regional Health expanded the Heart Strides program to include Pulmonary Rehab in 1998. Pulmonary Rehab is designed for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis and asthma, as well as other limiting lung conditions. The primary goals and benefits of the program are to combat the symptoms and complications of the lung impairment, return the patients to normal activities of daily living, decrease anxiety and depression, promote independence, increase exercise tolerance, reduce hospitalizations and ultimately improve quality of life.

Education Sessions

The professional and multidisciplinary staff at Heart Strides provides a variety of educational sessions. The sessions are held daily following exercise therapy. The topics are directly related to the issues facing heart and lung patients.

Psychological Counseling

The psychological and emotional needs of participants are analyzed by the psychologist, and referral for treatment is made when necessary. Stress management and relaxation sessions are also offered.

Behavior Modification

Heart Strides promotes lifestyle changes which improve health and reduce the risks of future heart or lung complications. These lifestyle changes include stress management, smoking cessation, weight control, and a life long commitment to exercise and proper nutrition.

Financial Information

Most insurance programs provide coverage for cardiac and pulmonary rehab. Verification of benefits are done prior to admission. Scholarship support may be provided to qualifying participants based on financial need. For more information about Heart Strides programs, call our office at 336-878-6914.