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"When we were planning this facility, we looked for a model that was consistent with our vision," says Jeffrey S. Miller president of High Point Regional. Central to that vision, he adds, is patient and family convenience.  "Many times, hospitals say they have a heart center when what they really have are isolated services in different areas of the hospital or even in different buildings."  What that means for the patients is that they often have to walk from the hospital area to an area for services and treatment.

"It's the reaching out to physicians, to prospective patients and to communities–that's why we're excited about Carolina Regional Heart Center," states Dr. Zan Tyson, president and medical director of Carolina Cardiology Cornerstone. “When we establish a satellite clinic or cardiology practice in a community, we make a commitment to a community that we will stay.  Commitment is also why we do preventive health care education, from seminars and health fairs to women's conferences.  Once patients have identified that you are concerned about them, then if they need your services they will call you.  They know that you are not just there when they get sick, but you truly have their best interests at heart."

"Having a state-of-the-art Heart Center contiguous with the telemetry and cardiac care unit and having the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons in offices right off of this unit improves the specialists' efficiency.  We can see more of our patients and do more for them because we are just down the hall.  We are also right there to immediately treat any cardiac emergencies coming into the hospital," states Dr. Tyson.

"But what makes us unique and attractive to our patients is our spirit; we are not so big that patients feel as if they are in a factory, or an institution," said Dr. Tyson. In fact, Carolina Regional Heart Center excels in its patient satisfaction rates on nursing care, physician care, pre-admission process, meeting emotional needs of patients and providing information to patients and their families, achieving scores in the 85-94 percentile and surpassing peer hospitals by an average of five percentage points.