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Assessment Center

On the Right Track From the Start

High Point Regional believes those suffering from mental health or addiction problems need an accurate, thorough assessment of their treatment needs from the start.

Assessment services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our Behavioral Assessment Center located in the Emergency Department at High Point Regional Health. This confidential, community service serves as a gateway to appropriate patient care. Masters Level Clinicians provide clinical assessments to determine the appropriate treatment for the patient's identified needs.

A Spectrum of Programs to Meet Every Patient Need

Individuals referred to High Point Behavioral Health can count on experienced clinical staff to design flexible, cost-effective treatment plans to meet their personal needs. A prompt, thorough diagnosis ensures patients get an early start on the work they need to do in the most appropriate, least restrictive setting.

And, at each step of treatment, our staff coordinates each patient's care with the referring professionals, family, employers, insurers, or managed care companies -- allowing patients to concentrate on one thing -- getting better.