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Nursing Units

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Below is a description of each of our nursing units for your reference.

7 North (Medical Unit)
This 30-bed unit is dedicated to patients with respiratory diagnoses, renal diagnoses and other acute/chronic diagnoses mainly requiring non-surgical interventions. The approach to care is collaborative. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:6-8.

7 South (Medical Telemetry Unit)
This 35-bed intermediate level unit, which includes a 5-bed chest pain unit, serves patients with various and multiple medical diagnoses requiring cardiac monitoring. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:4-5. Nursing assistants also assist in providing patient care. The unit’s healthcare team members are most proud of the teamwork, opportunities for professional growth and self-scheduling.

6 North (Medical-Surgical Unit)

This 36-bed medical-surgical unit provides care for patients with orthopedic, bariatric, urologic and general surgery. The unit is also dedicated to patients with gastrointestinal treatment needs. Care is delivered through a multidisciplinary team approach. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:6-8. The staffing pattern is flexible.

6 South (Medical-Surgical Unit)
This 36-bed medical-surgical unit, which includes 12 monitored beds, provides care for patients with vascular, neurological and neurosurgical needs. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:4-6. A multidisciplinary team approach is the method of care delivery. Staff members participate in schedule-writing, which allows for flexible scheduling.

Piedmont Joint Replacement Center
This is an 18-bed unit dedicated exclusively to the care of patients with total joint replacement surgery. The focus for healing is mobility and pain management. The nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:6 and care is delivered by a multidisciplinary team in group education, activities and support sessions.

Childbirth Suite
The Childbirth Suite provides a quiet, elegant environment for having a new baby. The unit consists of 6 labor-delivery-recovery room for vaginal births. This is an operating room for cesarean births with a recovery room for post surgical care. Close collaboration between the Childbirth Suite staff, the Nursery staff and the Postpartum staff provide patients the opportunity for excellent care and preparation for taking home the new baby.

Newborn Nursery
The Nursery has the capacity for 28 infants. This includes six level II beds for premature or sick infants requiring specialized care. Priority is placed on assisting and educating families to prepare them for caring for their new infant. Lactation consultants assist mothers to help establish successful breastfeeding. Infants are kept in the newborn nursery or taken to the mother's room upon her request.

5 North (Women’s Services)
This unit provides care for postpartum and postsurgical patients. The nursing staff helps new mothers become comfortable with caring for themselves and their babies. Helping new families get acquainted is an important aspect of care. This unit also provides care for patients recovering from gynecological surgery, general surgery and breast surgery. The patients on 5 North can expect expert care from nurses experienced with the health needs of women.

Oncology Care Unit (OCU)
The Oncology Care Unit is an 18-bed unit for acute hematology/oncology inpatients and some outpatient chemotherapy treatments. The nurses have a 6:1 patient ratio and the help of nursing assistants. A large number of our nursing staff are Oncology Certified and chemotherapy trained. The oncologists have quick access to our inpatients as their office is located in the same building. The OCU staff has a great deal of knowledge and experience and all share a special connection with the patients and their families. All patient rooms are large and provide a non-institutional atmosphere containing table, chairs, sleep sofa and refrigerator. The unit also offers a meditation room and a family room complete with a fully-equipped kitchen.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)
This 4-bed unit provides care to cardiothoracic surgical patients, including complex patients requiring intra-aortic balloon pump.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

This 8-bed unit provides care for patients who have had an acute cardiac event such as myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock or cardiac interventions, including intra-aortic balloon pump.

Cardiac Telemetry Unit (CTU)
This 18-bed unit provides progressive care to patients recovering from an acute cardiac event or cardiac surgery and includes post cardiac interventions, post-cardiac surgery or pacemakers.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
This 20-bed unit provides care to a variety of patients who require close observation and frequent interventions. ICU patients include those having vascular, thoracic and neurosurgery, as well as numerous other acute medical conditions, including the need for mechanical ventilation.