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QuitSmart Smoking Cessation program

QuitSmart is a simple smoking cessation program, developed over 30 years of research and practice by the director of QuitSmart program at the Duke University Addictions Program. QuitSmart individual coaching and treatment are providing by our occupational health and wellness coordinator.

Results of the QuitSmart treatment are encouraging with 6 to 12 month quit rates in non-psychiatric patients of 48-66% --- much higher than the 20-30% 6 to 12 month abstinent rates found for most multi-component stop-smoking programs.  
The QuitSmart class teaches two ways to overcome physical addiction: systematic switching to brands progressively lower in nicotine delivery prior to quitting, and use of nicotine replacement medication. In addition, you gain the support and planning needed to for this long-term lifestyle change.

Coaching is available to employees and their immediate family members at no cost.