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The Rehab Center

Whether it's physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy, pain management or industrial rehabilitation, or a combination of these, High Point Regional Rehab patients receive the health care they need in one place to rebuild active, productive lives.
Gifts may be made:
  • to recognize a therapist, nurse or physician
  • as a memorial for a loved one
  • to the Inpatient Rehab Center to support the programs and services offered to patients receiving intense physical therapy
  • to the Inpatient Rehab Services located throughout the hospital that help patients return to normal activity
  • to Outpatient Rehab Services to support patient and staff activities, such as walkers, walker bags, crutches, wound care supplies and devices to help with daily activities
  • to the Pediatric Rehab program to provide pediatric testing materials and pediatric therapeutic toys
  • to Rehab Services to provide wheelchairs, prostheses and rehab gym equipment for patient use or therapy sessions for those in need