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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Have you or a family member had surgery at High Point Regional in the last year? The Patient and Family Advisory Council is a team of patients, family members, caregivers and staff brought together in an ongoing effort to enhance the patient and family care experience at High Point Regional.

All activities at High Point Regional are driven by the needs of those who trust us with their care. Hearing your voices, examining the delivery of care through your eyes and tapping into your personal experiences ensures that we are serving our community to the best of our ability. The Patient and Family Advisory Council serves as a key collaboration for the organization by incorporating the patient and family care experience into High Point Regional’s planning and day-to-day operations. The Patient and Family Advisory
Council members work to support the hospital’s goal of providing exceptional patient-centered care by:
  • serving on hospital committees;
  • reviewing educational programs for trainees and staff;
  • helping to develop and facilitate new programs;
  • sharing their personal experiences with staff, patients and caregivers; and
  • promoting partnerships with patients and families.
For more information about this volunteer opportunity, please call Carol Gaddis at (336) 878-6000, extension 2062.