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A Health "System"
1996, 1997

By 1996, High Point Regional’s corporate structure evolved into a "Health System," because hospital care had become only a part of what the organization did. Outpatient services for pain management, physical rehabilitation, diabetes management, behavioral health, laboratory services, wound care, urgent care – and much, much more – were just the beginning of the organization’s diverse network of healthcare resources.

Meanwhile, the Endowment Fund grows steadily, and with an historic vote, the Endowment Board and Board of Trustees voted to grant a portion of the growth of the Endowment Fund to establish a Teen Resource Center in High Point. This vote set the precedent for future Endowment grants now totaling in excess of $4.5 million. The Endowment grants fund many projects including the Millis Regional Health Education Center, the Community Clinic and the Guilford School Health Alliance. The Health System was also instrumental in the development of Guilford Child Health, and later, Guilford Adult Health, to care for the area’s medically indigent.