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The Hospital's Many "Firsts"

The 1960's were characterized by many "firsts." High Point Memorial Hospital may not have been the largest, newest hospital in the state, but that didn't dampen its enthusiasm and drive for excellence. Through a donation from the Guild, the Hospital bought a mobile X-ray unit for the operating room – the first unit of its type in any North Carolina hospital. Upon buying and installing three neurosurgery air drills in 1966, with funding again provided by the Guild, High Point Memorial became the first operating room in the Carolinas to have this equipment.

The 1960's are also remembered throughout the nation for the Civil Rights Movement, and High Point Memorial was no different. In 1964, the Hospital ended its practice of segregating patients by race, and the Hospital became fully integrated.

 Patient room - 1960's
Operating Room - 1960's

The Hospital Guild

The Hospital Guild continued to fund many of the Hospital’s amenities and necessities that we now take for granted. The Guild’s generosity provided air conditioning throughout the Hospital and the Nursing School facilities. The Guild funded the Hospital’s first, full-time chaplain and the first Hospital social worker.

Hospital Continued to Grow
Construction - 1967

Nearly a decade after its last major building project, the Hospital added on and updated its facilities for the area's growing needs. The Hospital Guild pledged $75,000 to the project. Their's was the first and the largest single donation to the 1967 campaign.