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 High Point Memorial Hospital - 1950

The New Hospital

After the community’s attempt to build a new facility was stalled by the government – and the war – corporate and individual support from the community resulted in a successful building campaign. The new hospital opened in 1950 with 100 beds. A concrete walkway was built to connect the "old Burrus Memorial building" to the new facility, when officials realized that the new building just wasn’t big enough. The new hospital would end up using 80 beds in the old building.

New Hospital Experienced Growing Pains

Aerial view of hospital showing
construction - 1958


"The new hospital was filled from the outset and pressures quickly built up for more space. The old portion of the original hospital was utilized, but as it became older and dingier it contrasted sharply with the bright new facilities. Time and time again there was no room for patients, frequently heart cases had to share a room or remain in beds placed in halls until a room became available. Trustees and staff were distressed."

—Carter Dalton,
in 1958 High Point Enterprise article

The 1950's

The idea of a heart center originated, and community leaders and board members teamed up to challenge High Point to again provide for the facilities. With the help of The Duke Endowment, Hill-Burton funds and a huge outpouring of generosity from the community, $1.3 million was raised for a substantial addition, which virtually doubled the size of the hospital. High Point’s population was nearly 40,000.

The School Of Nursing

The Nursing School was flourishing, sending its graduates across the country. To accommodate the growing enrollment, a modern, new nurses’ dormitory and class building was completed in 1954.


"The story of the development of High Point’s hospital, to me, is a thrilling one. It is the story of dedicated men and women who have battled for what they felt was right and that purpose has triumphed in an institution that reflects credit upon the community which provided and operated it …. High Point has its hospital … operating successfully as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of all the people of this community."

—Carter Dalton,
High Point Enterprise
Sept. 14th, 1958