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 Burrus Memorial - 1933

Burrus Memorial Hospital
The 1930's

After enduring the Great Depression, High Point Hospital endured another change of ownership. In 1933, with help from The Duke Endowment, the Hospital became a community hospital with a self-perpetuating board of trustees. Although it was no longer owned by Dr. John Burrus, the Hospital bore his name, Burrus Memorial Hospital, in honor of Dr. Burrus’ parents.

About the same time, the Nursing School became state approved. By the mid-30s, the Hospital had a physician in charge of radiology, a registered nurse in the emergency room, two laboratory technicians, a secretary to type patient histories and a dietitian. And sadly, in 1936, Dr. Burrus died.

 Guilford General Hospital

High Point Hospitals Merge

As early as 1943, a planning and building committee began to study hospital needs in High Point while developing means of securing financial support. In late 1943, the board of trustees decided to change the Hospital’s name. This time the name was High Point Memorial Hospital.

A new name was not the only change in store for High Point Memorial Hospital. In 1944, High Point’s two hospitals – and their medical staffs – merged. For nearly 30 years, High Point had two hospitals – the old Junior Order Hospital and Guilford General Hospital, which had opened in 1912 in a renovated house at the corner of Washington and Steel Streets. Until the merger of the two facilities, the medical staffs had not worked together.

"We now have a more cohesive body of medical men than ever before," Dr. Brockmann said in 1944. The new High Point Memorial Hospital had a Boulevard unit (Burrus Memorial) and a Washington Street unit (Guilford General). Patients had a choice of where to be admitted.