Weekends are cool.


I must apologize for being negligent in posting. Part of that is because there's not much to write about, and part of that is because I've recently been promoted at work and my workload is overwhelming. Still, neither are really good excuses so I will pledge to update this a little more regularly.

I've lost right at 60 pounds. What I've noticed and come to now expect is that I only show weight loss on Saturdays and Sundays. That's been true for the last month - go figure. Maybe it's because I sleep in an extra hour on weekends, but it does seem uncanny how it's working.

My wife told me that our best friends are now BOTH going to have gastric bypass, separated by a year. They are having the Roux-en Y done here in Charlotte because their insurance covers it. And I could not be more happy for them.

In my opinion this is much better than winning the lottery. It's just as life-changing, but you don't end up messing up your life. I read a story about how most people who win the lottery blow most of it within the first year, and in the process are successful only in their ability to alienate their family and loved ones. And that's a really sad statement, isn't it?

But I digress. All I wanted to say was how happy I am for M & D, and how I can't wait to go through this with them. They are two great friends and great individuals. You won't find a more dedicated and funny math teacher in the world as D, and there just ain't many cellists as talented and brilliant as M. I will keep you posted on their progress as they permit. Please keep them in your prayers.

I've been feeling a little on the weak side lately. I'm going in to have my three month testing done a little early to see what adjustments I should make. I don't think I'm getting enough protein.

Also, my right leg is really hurting lately. It's a condition my doctor pronounced once, and I begged him not to pronounce it again so that he didn't hurt himself in the process. (So many medical conditions are given names just to make doctors look smarter than us, which they likely already are.) The symptoms are that when I stand on it or walk on it for a long time, it starts to feel numb. If I keep walking or keep standing, it starts to feel as if it's burning deep in the skin - similar to if you were to apply a sports cream from China that had too much lead in it. It becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly. But that has kept me some days from walking. I would solicit your prayers for me on this issue.

Well, that's all for now. I threaten - I mean promise - to write more very soon. I was going to write a lot about the discussion started by K on the email group, but I've decided to leave well enough alone. For now. If I forget to take my Effexor one day, who knows what will happen?

Take care and thanks for reading. Live, love, love life, and oh, extend some grace to your neighbor while you're at it.




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