vacation = weight loss


Never before have I lost weight on vacation. This is a first! I just spent a week on Cape Cod. Went on a whale watch and saw 5 whales and got a bad sunburn in the process. I guess I need something stronger than SPF50 when out on the open ocean on a hazy day from noon to 3:00! The rest of the week was spent touring every lighthouse on the Cape that could be reached by bike, climbing up into the ones that were open, climbing sand dunes, walking across a breakwater that was several miles long, and climbing the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. I got more exercize this week than I had ever before in my life. I was with 4 other women, ranging in age from 42 to 65. I was able to keep up with them all until it came to hiking up the sand dunes. Three of us stopped at onepoint and let the other 2 continue on. It felt good to not lag behind and not be winded so that I couldn't breathe. Losing 42 pounds made quite a difference.

Today, back in my own home, I weighed for the first time in a week, and I lost 4 pounds! The entire week, I ate well. We shared the cooking, ate very healthy foods with lots of vegetables, chicken, pork chops and lobster. I got teased a little about the tiny portions I ate. They got to see first hand the sneezing bouts I have if I eat too much. They were all concerned about making sure we had food inthe house that I could eat, and they were surprised to learn I eat normal food. I just don't eat much of anything, but I need to eat more often.

This morning, I weigh 203.5 pounds. Getting very close to the magical place where my weight starts with a "1". Now to go outside and do some gardening for more exercise.



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