Two Months Out!


I'm trying my absolute best to not dwell on the fact that my weight loss has slowed to a crawl. That's easier to do when you look back at the whole process, rather than focus on the immediate past.

Case in point, Wednesday marked my two month anniversary from the surgery. As I look back on these two months, I would be foolish and very short-sighted to worry about recent plateaus.

What's happened in these two months?

I've lost a total of 55 pounds.

I'm no longer bound to the chains previously assigned to me as a diabetic.

I have normal blood pressure readings.

I sleep better at night and it's more comfortable, partly due to the reduced air pressure in my cpap (sleep apnea contraption).

I feel like I'm riding on rails when I walk.

I can perform everyday functions with ease that used to be impossible or extremely difficult including: Zipping my pants with both hands, picking things off the floor, getting out of bed with the first attempt, turning over in the bed without alerting the local seismologist, getting into cars, getting into restaurant booths, shopping for clothes at any department store, being able to reach just about any annoying itch that may surface, and plenty more.

I interface socially with others without shame and embarrassment. Forget that, I interface socially! Yeah!

I no longer look like I'm playing a mariachi guitar when I have a flat electric guitar strapped around me.

I do things with my kids on a regular basis in public, at home, with or without their friends.

I enjoy life.

It's now time to look forward to the rest of my life. The weight will come off over time - I'm just along for the ride. I figure that I have about 85 pounds more to go. But I've decided to take the BMI levels of obsesity and make them benchmarks along the way to give myself indicators of success and reasons to celebrate.

These last three pounds just put my BMI in the 39s. That means I'm no longer considered "morbidly obese" but instead I'm "severely" obese. And to multi-task a cliche, I can live with that.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all of the comments (they really do make my day) and please keep fighting. This life is worth the fight.

Oh, and I have every intention of uploading some photos soon. I thought I'd mention that so that you don't go to the store for rat poison in the near future - my mug will do the trick any day.



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