When I bought life, disability and long term care insurance, I paid a higher than normal premium because I was overweight and I smoked. In order to have the MGB, I had to give up smoking, which I did willingly. It was not easy, though! Now that is behind me, and 70 pounds are forever gone. I applied for life insurance a few weeks ago and the response came back "preferred" even with recent surgery. That is pretty exciting! I don't have to pay extra any more. Now I am going to contact my other insurance carriers to have my premiums reduced.

I am told that I can upload pictures now on this blog. I am putting on 2 before pictures and one that was taken just a few days ago. While it isn't yet an "after" picture, it is quite a change from the "before" pictures. Even without a label, I think you'll have no trouble telling one from the other. For any of you who are on the fence about this surgery, these pictures tell the story better than I can. Here goes.....

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Little Mary,

I have been thinking and reading about the gastric bypass surgery for about a year however, this is the first time I have actually read someone's account of going through it. I am about your age, old weight and height so this was very inspiring and I live in North Carolina so going to High Point Regional would be easy for me. I am not sure I understand the differences in the the regular gastric bypass and the MBG that you talk about but I can assure you I will be looking into this because your recovery is so much quicker, I had already started saving up sick and acation time so I would have the 6 weeks off you need or the regular GB and now to find this I am truly inspired and excited. Please keep posting, your blog was just what I needed to take the next step. You look wonderful and I am so jealous keep up the good work and enjoy your new life.




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