I actually had a fun experience at the Dept of Motor Vehicles. Apparently, when someone goes to the DMV in Vermont, the person at the desk enters the license # and the license photo pops up so they can be sure they are talking to the right person. When my picture came up, the woman looked at it, then at me, then back at the picture. Then she leaned over the counter to me and said, "Honey, for $15.00 you can get a new picture taken that actually LOOKS like you. No way would this photo allow you to get onto an airplane!" Nice to see the difference 5 months makes.

Last night, I went to a summer party where there were many people I had not seen since I had the MGB. I got lots of smiles, stares and some awkward foot shuffling before a few people actually worked up the nerve to comment or ask about my weight loss. Besides the weight loss, I have stopped coloring my hair, so it is now quite silver. I wear it really, really short because I thought it would be best if I lost some hair. BTW, I have had no hair loss. Anyway, I think some people were uncomfortable because they thought I might have been sick, resulting in my hair going white and getting quite slim in the process. It was a fun evening!

After being razzed because my jeans were so baggy, I bought new ones this past weekend. Size 15/16 slim! No more "relaxed fit with extra room in the hips and thighs."

Life is good.



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