Sweet dreams? Not this one


Just thought I'd pass on a funny story from this past weekend. I finally got my c-pap machine's settings lowered, meaning that all of the red tape finally aligned itself with the correct moons of Jupiter, and I decided that I would take a nap to see how it worked.

It was amazing how little pressure was flowing through and how freeing it really felt. I fell asleep almost immediately and had a very odd dream. I don't know if other post-op patients have had this dream, but in my dream I had gained all of my weight back. It was one of those dreams that makes you feel emotionally drained when you wake up, as if you've used every emotional color in your palette.

It was a relief to realize it was a dream, but I was still a little bit shaken up by it. The first thing I did was put on a shirt that was lying on the bed. My wife had been doing laundry while I was asleep. This particular shirt's laundry instructions were mysteriously absent and as a result my wife put it in the machine dryer. This must have gone against the missing tag's instructions because it shrunk so much my kids can almost wear it.

But that wasn't my first thought - my first thought was that maybe it wasn't a dream after all. It must have looked pretty funny to see the panic on my face and it was only after a few hours that I could see and appreciate the humor in it myself.

I can replace a shirt - that's no problem. In fact, I've had to replace a lot of those lately. My weight loss is slowing down considerably lately. I'm stuck at 48 pounds lost, but certainly not stressing over it. I've been so active and busy lately that I've been depriving myself of any rest and relaxation that I probably really need. So I've got to find a way to slow things down. A little.

Oh, and the smell update goes like this. It's not going away very quickly. Prepare yourselves for this if you are pre-op about to become post-op. Buy a box of matches (not a book, a box), and plug it in, plug it in.

I did have my first slice of pizza since the surgery. Okay, my first partial slice of pizza as there was no way I was finishing that. And it tasted just as good as I remembered. Wow.

I'll update this later in the week, I promise. Thanks for reading, and as always, keep fighting.



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