Staples out!


Monday morning, I woke up feeling really crabby. My mouth felt weird. I didn’t want to eat or drink anything. We drove back to High Point that afternoon for clinic to remove my staples. They came out easily and without pain. I got on the scale and found out I’d lost 10 pounds! In only 4 days! I’m still sure most of it was from that left leg.

I told Samantha, Dr. Dasher’s nurse, about my throat hurting and tasting weird. Turns out, I had Thrush, which is a fungal infection of the mouth. It is not uncommon after surgery of this type, considering the very strong drugs we take before surgery to kill off bacteria in the digestive tract. Our bodies are very well oiled machines, and billing off bacteria upsets the delicate balance. The fungus got out of hand, but she gave me a prescription for some yellow, sweet stuff that I had to “gargle, swish and spit” 4 times a day for the next 7 to 10 days. It took 2 days before my mouth felt appreciably better, and I kept taking it religiously to be sure Thrush didn’t return. It took about 2 weeks before anything began to taste normal again.

Later that afternoon, we attended an open clinic where we met Dr. Walsh. He’s a nice guy and an active sports fan. The room was crowded with former patients, newbies like me and Joan, and the 3 people who were scheduled for surgery the next day. Lots of people were there to learn about the surgery, too. It was wonderful to ask questions of the people who had been out for 18 month to 5 years. Tomorrow’s patients could not get over how good Joan and I looked for being only 4 days out. It felt so good to be on the other side.

We drove back to the house and took another walk. Every day is getting faster and further. I can breath more easily and deeply now and my throat doesn’t get as dry now.



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