Rainy day musings


It’s rained for about a week straight. I know it is supposed to rain, April showers bring May flowers and all that, but it is still too cool to put away winter clothes. In my case, I’d be bringing things to the dry cleaners or doing lots of wash so I can sort and store the winter clothes, jackets and coats until next August. Then, I get to give them away! No one will want them this time of year. But for once in my life, for the only time in my life, I KNOW my winter clothes will be way too big for me next year. There are some sweaters that I really like, but I think even they have to go. My absolutely, positively favorite website for ordering clothes is opening a store in a mall near me. I can fast forward to next fall and see the money being sucked from my wallet right into that store’s cash register. And that will be just fine. I’ve started a New Clothes Fund already. I will bring some of my better things to a second hand store and get some money for them to use for new stuff. I imagine I’ll pick up some new things at thrift stores, too. Do you have any idea how many women buy things they never wear? They show up at these places with the tags still on them! And as the incredible shrinking woman, I will only have some of them for a short time as I fall through the sizes. I don’t have to love everything. I just have to like it enough to wear one season.

It’s only been 5 days, but all the things I am doing to improve my skin are working. I also have added fish to my menu of things to eat (along with peanut butter, yum). I enjoy scallops, salmon and swordfish. They break up easily, cook quickly and can be bought in tiny pieces, cooked in the microwave or grill, perfect for MGBers.



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