One Month Down


Well, I would not have guessed a month ago that things would be going as good as they are! I am spending my days not planning my meals and where I am going to eat first thing when I get up in the mornings. My dependency on food is going away. The first week or so was mentally excruciating. My hardest time of the day was between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. That is when I came home from errands/work at 2:00 and that is when the bad eating began. Then my young daughter got home at 2:30 and she immediately went in the backyard to play, so it didn’t interfere with eating. Then my teenage daughter got home at 4:00 and that is when the eating stopped. I was a closet eater! I usually stopped on the way home and got fast food of some sort! Then dinner around 6:30 or so. Wow! Now, it is still hard, the habit is dying a slow death, but I don’t find myself thinking about where I am going to get food about 1:30 before I start to head home.

Conquering the boredom feelings once I get home is where I am struggling now. Clearly I have no reason to be bored, I have two children that change clothes way to often. My older daughter is a competitive cheerleader and practices three days a week right now and has a job at Chick-fil-A and is only fifteen. So needless to say, my car should be yellow and black and have TAXI written on the side. So with the laundry, cooking meals, driving kids, and other responsibilities, I should not be bored!

I have been introducing foods back into my system, slowly but surely. I even had pizza the other day. One slice of thin crust cheese pizza, I took an hour to eat it! But oh my, it was good. I got my craving satisfied and now it is time to move on back to healthy food. I have been able to eat salad and it is good, I have it with Lite Ranch. I have craved cucumbers and they are good. I have not had any pasta, bread or potatoes, other than KFC mashed potatoes, no gravy. They are really good, especially since it feels like you are cheating when you eat them. Have not experienced any dumping or other ailments.

Things are great. My incisions have healed up nicely. I call them my bullet holes! Life is good and I am happy. There are no food issues now that I cannot conquer! I am in control with MGB by my side!



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