One month anniversary!


One month down, and a lifetime to go! As I look back on this first month, I'm thinking about all of the people who told me that surgery was taking the easy way out.

Ha! There's nothing easy about having this surgery or any other surgery for that matter. This has not been an easy road, but there is no question it has been worth every single second.

I tipped the scales today at 293. That's 39 pounds lighter than I was the day before the surgery. I've gone all the way through one belt, and I have one belt loop to go on my second (which was too small when I first bought it). And that's all in my first month.

More importantly, my blood sugar this morning was 87, and it continues to be in very, very healthy ranges every day. I'm excited because later today I'll journey up to High Point and see everyone again. I can't wait.

I'm still struggling with hunger, but I've found that a little goes a long way. Two bites of something usually makes that hunger go away pretty quickly. So, I've learned to be very patient with my eating and not push it too far.

I'm looking forward to eating real food soon. I can't wait to try some real meat for a change. One of the things I'll never forget about another blog I read was the sense of dread that some feel the day of or following the surgery. The dread that your life is permanently altered so that you can never indulge yourself to the point in which you once found refuge. I still think that's one of the most profound things I've read or heard about in this experience. I think I would be struggling a lot more in this if I hadn't benefitted from that other person's experience.

It's all about managing your expectations. When you talk to people who've had the surgery months or years ago, their perspective must be put in perspective. Of course, they will tell you how great life is, because it's very easy to look through rose-colored glasses at the struggles in the early days. It's cool to be 39 pounds lighter, but it definitely was and continues to be a struggle in many ways. But I've been assured (and I fully believe it) that it only gets easier from here. Despite the struggles, there is no question I would have the surgery again tomorrow if I was faced with the decision again.

Keep fighting everyone.



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