New Adventure and I'm Cold!!!


New Adventure and I'm Cold!!!

Yippee, I have busted through the plateau! FINALLY! Down 103 lbs. since March 10th…that is eight and half months ago! I am excited! It is nice to see the scale dropping again! Well it has also been nice not seeing it rise AT ALL!

Well, I had a great weekend this last weekend…. I did something that was on “my list of things to do when I get skinny!” I WENT TO SIX FLAGS and rode as many rides (rather roller coasters) as I could, which unfortunately was not that many because it was so crowded! I went with my sister! We are very close and she has been so excited to go with me that we have been planning this before I even had my paperwork completed! We laughed and screamed and had the best time! I haven’t been to Six Flags in fourteen years so there were so many new rides. We waited in line for Batman for an hour and a half! There were lots of people, and it was a great “people watching” experience to say the least! Anyway, when we got on this ride I was so scared that I was shaking and had a nervous stomach. We pulled out and it was dark so I could not see what was happening plus you really cannot see anyway because of the seats. The first loop or whatever totally took my breath, stomach, heart and any other organ you can think of way out of whack! Then I just screamed and laughed…both my sister and I were laughing and screaming so much that we were crying! It was hilarious! We cannot wait to go back in the spring and do it all again! One of the other things that I want to do and I guess I will try and do it this upcoming summer is go white water rafting!!! SCARY but it looks like so much fun! Not like a major white water river but a mild one!

Okay, here in the Atlanta area it is starting to get cold, and oh my, I am freezing all the time!!!! I think I will have to buy a coat! I am never cold…never! Well not anymore, I guess I have lost all my insulation! I use to sleep in t-shirts and now I am going to bed fully dressed in socks, pajama pants, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. I slowly get back down to a t-shirt as the night progresses, but goodness, I am laughing at myself. We have never needed a heating blanket or anything like that but I am so cold that I have gotten the heating pad out and warm my bed up a little while I am washing my face etc.. I am on a hunt for a good heated mattress pad!

Getting better about the snacking situation. Breaking through the plateau has been good! I do find myself eating more during my “bad time” of 2 to 4 but what I have done is cut way back on dinner. I think that is what really helped me to break through. I did clear broth for two to three nights in a row and then the scale started moving! Lately our family dinners have been a lot of casseroles and spaghetti, etc. because we are so crazy in October with our kids sports, etc. there is something every night so I have to have dinners that everyone can eat at anytime. I don’t handle these well, especially spaghetti, never liked it much anyway, so I sometimes don’t eat at all or am having soup. It is bad not to eat, I know, but you know when you have been running all day, then you have to go again at night and you get home at nine, I just want to get in my five layers of pajamas and get into bed!



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