Need new clothes!


I have been putting off buying anything new. I need smaller clothes for fall and winter, but hate to buy anything too soon because my weight and inches are still going down. But, cool weather is here. One morning, I knew my capris and sandals just were not gonna cut it. I needed more on my feet. Not having any longer pants that fit, I put on a dress, a slip and pantyhose. The dress is a few sizes too big, but it just looks very loose, like I meant it that way. But the slip was too big and while I was walking down the hall at work, it slid right down over my panty hose and landed on the floor! I pulled it back up, laughing the whole time, and tucked it into the back of my panty hose. Luckily, there were only women around at the time and we all had a good laugh. But, that was a sign...I need to buy clothes NOW.

That night, I went to Eddie Bauer. When I entered the store, I got a smile and the usual, "Welcome to Eddie Bauer. If you need any help, please let me know."
"I need lots of help."
"OK, what are you looking for?"
"Women's clothes for work. Not jeans."
"What size?"
"Well, therein lies the problem. I don't know."
I have to tell you, this turned into the best shopping experience I have had in a long, long time. My charming helper walked me though the styles, explaining how each style of pants fit (above the waist, below the waist, one size larger in hips than waist size... Quite an education!) We made some choices of styles, took 3 sizes of each and off I went into the dressing room.
I have not worn "missy" sizes since high school. I picked up those size 16 and thought, "There is no way these will fit" as I buttoned and zipped them. Surprise! And I no longer wear size 2X tops! I wear large! When I found the right style pants in the right size, I put on a long sleeve T and walked out of the dressing room to ask my helper's opinion. In doing so, I walked past a full length mirror, backed up and looked again. I may still be 30 or 40 pounds overweight, but I look darned good! I'm sure anyone who has been normal weight all their lives would think I was nuts, turning around , looking at myself from every angle with the biggest grin you've ever seen, but to me, it was amazing.

No health problems, and my weight is down to 187 today.



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