MSNBC - (Journal Date: October 20, 2005)


MSNBC learned that the High Point Regional Health System was using patient blogs as a form of therapy for their patients. HPRHS asked if I would be willing to do an interview with MSNBC to promote the concept of blogging. I accepted since I had been on local TV many times with my job, but my family was a little nervous about making their TV debut on national TV.

We enjoyed the experience of working with correspondent Monica Novotny, producer Judy Chung, and the camera crew. We interviewed at the Cancer Center chemo room, my doctor also interviewed in the resource center, and we did some family shots at our residence.

It is my hope that this piece will let other cancer patients know about the blog site. Again, blogging is good therapy for the patient, but providing solid information, encouragement, and motivation to others is the real purpose for my blog.

The following web site will link you to the MSNBC piece on patient blogging:

Click on the "launch" button under the free video clip. Your comments to my blog are always welcome. Enjoy!!!



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