Merry Christmas!!


It was! I went to the health spa as planned. For the 3 hour ride down, I packed green grapes and nibbled those like I used to eat potato chips. I wasn't sure I'd arrive there in time to eat lunch at the buffet, so I packed my own snacks/meals which consisted of yogurt, shrimp cocktail, cheese sticks and celery sticks. I even remembered to pack the salt shaker! I went to a movie on Christmas night and got the "kid pack" which has maybe 2 handfulls of popcorn, a small drink and a tiny pack of Skittles. Just enough! I made protein shakes with Muscle Milk and Smart Water. Quite a change from the "road food" I used to pack! Since my room had a fridge in it, I was all set. I spent time walking on the treadmill and peddling the bike while watching old Christmas movies.
I swam laps in the pool and relaxed in the Jacuzzi. Best of all was the body scrub with Cranberry and Pomegranite in oil. When the scrub was complete, I showered off the grit, then got an hour long massage. My skin felt like velvet! I stumbled back to my room and slept for 2 hours. Pure heaven! Between being pampered, totally relaxed in peace and quiet, the 2 days felt like I'd vacationed for a week. On top of that, I managed to lose 1.8 pounds this week! A very Merry Christmas.



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