May 27th: Size 16!


About a month ago, I pulled some old size 18 jeans out and tried them on. Good thing no one was watching! I could pull them up, barely snap them, but my belly stuck out so much, the zipper would not close. Not even a tiny bit. Discouraged, I put them back in the drawer. Today, I pulled them out again. They not only snapped, they zipped and they are TOO BIG! I could barely wait for the end of the day to leave work and head for Wal-Mart to buy some jeans that fit. I am now in a size 16 misses, not even women's sizes!

About a month ago, someone gave me a pile of very nice clothes in size 18 and 16. I just dropped them on the guest room bed, thinking it would take forever to shrink enough to fit into them. I guess I'd better go try them on! Even when the scale does not show a change, the waist band does.

Happy holiday weekend!



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