May 19th: First bad food experience


Last night I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, the Asian Bistro. I had not been there since the MGB, but I really, really wanted Creaky Chicken. It is boneless chicken breast, floured and fried with ginger and other spices. I thought this would be OK because it isn't greasy. Juice does not drip out. It's rather like very tasty crisp shoe leather. I chewed slowly and well, and had plain white rice with it. It tasted SO GOOD! Problem was, on the way home, I kept burping and some of it felt like it was moving up into my esophagus. It felt like that for almost 2 hours. Note to self: No more Creaky Chicken. I think it may have been too dense, if that makes any sense. Or I ate more than I should because it was so good. Or maybe it was OK and the rice was the problem. No matter, Asian Bistro is no longer on my favorites list.

There are lots of things I have not even tried, like egg rolls, pizza, ice cream or steak. I do miss them, but not enough to risk pain or discomfort if I have a bad reaction.

When I feel like I need a reward for surviving a bad day or accomplishing something wonderful, I look to other things besides food. Manicures and pedicures are on top of the list. New motorcycle things are up there, too. Saturday, I am riding to New Hampshire to look at a brand new Gold Wing trike. I'm getting smaller, but my rewards are getting very expensive!

I'm at 210 today.



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