Life after Round No. 2 - (Journal Date: 4/4/05)


Life after Round No. 2 - (Journal Date: 4/4/05)

The typical side effects after Round 1 have returned after Round 2. Metallic taste of food and drinks, abdominal cramping, can't sleep after 3:00 a.m., hip and shoulder pain following the Neulasta shot, and some dry mouth. I am not using any commercial mouthwashes since they contain alcohol and would make the effects worse. Doctor can prescribe something if any mouth sores develop, but it hasn't been that bad. Sticking with lots of water and adding whole grain foods and metamucil bars to relieve the cramping.

Each Spring and Fall we rent our house out for the International Home Furnishings Market. We have a nice camper and look forward to taking the girls to the local campground on the lake. This year will be no exception since I am determined to stay active.

Today we brought the camper home out of storage and washed the roof and all four sides. Had to be careful with my balance problems not to do a cannon-ball off of the top!

The next day I had enough energy to pressure wash the entire driveway....that Prednisone is really good stuff! I'm afraid of spoiling the wife with all the projects that I can get done when I'm on it. Call me Superman!!!

I am finding that 50-block sunscreen and a good hat are becoming good friends of mine!!



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