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My x husband is in town on vacation. He lives in Arizona, and I have not seen him in about 4 years. We have been divorced for about 15 years, so any animosity or angst is gone. We are quite civil because we have a daughter and are connected because of her. However, in life there are those moments when we want to shine in front of those who have caused us pain. He called and invited me to dinner at a nearby restaurant. He and his wife were already seated when I arrived. As I was being shown to their table, he was getting up to go to the rest room. He glanced at me and just kept walking with no sign of recognition. I reached out and touched his arm to get his attention. For an instant, he looked startled, as if wondering why this stranger was touching him. Then, he realized it was me and his expression was priceless. "Holy smokes!!" I think was the noise that came out of his mouth. People in the restaurant turned to see what the commotion was. He was then stunned and speechless. He put his hands on my shoulders, to hold me out where he could inspect me. Quite comical. I was more than happy to spin around so he coud get a good look. MGB? $17,000. Reaction? Priceless!!

I really wish I could post pictures here so you could see the change. It is startling!



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