June 4th: Summer is here


After a very cool and wet spring, the sun is out, the temperatures are in the high 70's and 80's and it is hot out! Now the fun of finding things in my closet for this season. There isn't much in there! I have some draw string shorts and capris from last year that I can still wear if I pull them tighter. They fit more like skirts, there is so much loose material, but I can deal with it. I put on some shirts that were too tight and very unflattering last year, and they look pretty darned good now!

I have my 3 month checkup on Wednesday. I am not at all nervous about seeing my doctor. Feels nice to know that I have lost weight, that my blood pressure is down and that I am doing fine.

Meanwhile, Tuesday, I am riding with the Lady Cruisers to Americade, a huge motorcycle gathering at Lake George, NY. It is a very tame crowd there, lots of older folks, lots of trikes. Lots of vendors! I need new riding clothes. In the summer, I wear a jacket made of heavy mesh material. It has elbow, shoulder and spine pads, but the mesh allows the air to blow through, very nice in this weather. Problem is, my current jacket is now so big, the pads are just flopping around in the jacket. If I had an accident, there is no way they would stay where they belong to protect me. I need a new one, maybe 2 sizes smaller. My chaps are way too big, too, and downright uncomfortable. Too much loose leather on the insides of my thighs.

I am now nearly down to 200. That is pretty much the lowest I remember weighing as an adult. The fun, mystery and maybe panic will set in them I start down that uncharted road. I can't wait to get into the 100's, even to 199.



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