July 20: Going down


My weight, that is. Down 55 pounds as of today. Sizes keep getting looser, too. I have passed the 4 month mark, and according to the normal plan, I should be losing hair, too. So far, I'm not seeing any loss. Of course, now that I've put that in print, handsful will come out tomorrow!

I have settled into a food routine. For breakfast, about 1/2 cup of cereal with milk. I am fortunately NOT one who developed lactose intolerance. I also have a protein shake with whey powder and some fruit. Mid-morning, a 4 oz yogurt. Lunch is generally salad, and I like GOOD salads with leafy spring veggies, not iceburg lettuce. I also am very happy with tuna salad with a little onion, celery and mayo. No bread. Dinner is fish or a steak and salad or other veggies. And I crave fruit now. The food moods do change all the time. I used to crave salty things like crackers, peanuts and potato chips. Now, I don't want them anywhere around. Where will this all end up? I have no idea, but I am pretty relaxed and just go with my moods. As long as I am getting a good amount of protein in, I'm feeling OK. I'm happy with the mental and physical health resulting from the MGB. Losing weight is a bonus!



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