I've seen the limits: And it wasn't pretty


Today is the last day of week 4, and this continues to be an incredible process for me so far. I've lost a total of 35 pounds, and I'm walking about 2-3 miles every morning.

Yesterday wasn't very pretty though. I tried to eat more than I should for the first time. It really helped me get in touch with another problem I have: distracted eating.

Distracted eating is when you have to be doing something else while you eat - watching television, surfing the net, changing the oil in your car. By "have to be" I don't mean it's a matter of convenience. I mean I've become the type of person that is COMPELLED to do something else while I eat. It ruins the dining experience for me to just sit at the table and eat with nothing else going on.

Then there's the kissing cousin of this for me, which is that there are certain events (and for me they seem to revolve around sports) that simply scream to me that I MUST EAT during them. My wife and I love football. I can't imagine watching a Panthers game without eating buffalo wings and pizza and nachos. And I know that one day soon I'll be able to eat things like Buffalo wings. But my point is (and this relates to the last topic I wrote about - the emotions of eating) that food has primarily become a form of entertainment, and NOT a means of nourishment.

So getting back to yesterday . . . The problem with distracted eating is that I was not paying attention to my stomach, and became engrossed with the story I was reading on the net. So I ate far more than I should have. It did not come back up, thankfully. But two hours later, I was given about 10 seconds notice from my body that something destructive was about to happen. I became pale in the face, and instantly inspired to have a sense of urgency to find the shortest path between where I was and the closest bathroom. And that's where I'll spare you the rest of the details except to say it wasn't pretty and wasn't over soon.

So once again I've been able to uncover another destructive eating habit. Eating should be a means to an end. And that end is to provide nourishment to the body. When it becomes part of the entertainment landscape, it becomes a recreational hobby. I'll never be able to count the pounds I put on my frame because I was enhancing my entertainment experience, or was too distracted while doing something else.

Next Monday I'll be back in High Point for my one month checkup and will visit the clinic that's scheduled for that day. If you're considering this surgery, I'd love to talk to you then. Of course you can always email me at bass-steve@carolina.rr.com - It would mean a lot to me to help anyone who may be going down this road.

My best wishes to all of you. Thanks for reading.



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