I'm back!


I planned to sleep in on Friday, my first day at home. It felt good to be home, to sleep in my own bed. I still woke up early, though, and saw no reason to stay home. I was anxious to go back to work, to catch up on email and see everyone there. I wore a very loose sweatshirt type dress that was quite long. I walked into the office and said hello to the receptionist. Others heard my voice and poured out into the hall to greet me. Some were curious about how I could feel well enough to come back early. Others just thought I was crazy for coming back sooner than planned. I just turned toward them, lifted my skirt a few inches and said, “Look at these sexy ankles!” They had all been around when I injured my leg and they all saw the horrible swelling. I told them all about my day in surgery and how fast my leg looked better. I just could not stop talking, I was so excited. Not only that, but I had weighed myself and I was down 13 pounds already, in one week. Just amazing.

I stayed a few hours to catch up on the news and events that happened while I was gone, then I went home and took a nap. Guess my baby belly was tired!

I spent the weekend mostly being lazy. I did laundry, unpacked my bags, but I didn’t really do much. I still got tired easily. It was a little harder to get a schedule going at home, since there was no one around to keep me walking or otherwise organize my day. It still took quite a while to get all the vitamins and other medications in. I still only took tiny sips of fluid and ate mini bites of yogurt. I am afraid of what it will be like when I am off stage 1 (liquid) foods and have to go to stage 2. Maybe stage 2 will give me more energy.



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