The MGB results in weight loss. That's a given. What may be harder to understand is how it helps so much with self esteem. I walk taller, smile more easily, feel better meeting new people. I make eye contact with strangers. I'm a much happier person now that I am "normal" in size. This all helped me to meet Steve in January and NOT run away for fear of rejection. We have just become engaged. We were at the jewelry store ordering our wedding bands exactly 4 months after we met. That may seem like too short a time, but we have seen each other every day since we met with the exception of 2 days when I was out of town. We are both in our late 50's, divorced for more than a decade, professional people in financial services, so much in common! We both knew as soon as we met that this was the right relationship. We are now formally moving in together (garage sale!) and will be married in Sept. I am a completely different person on the outside, but my core values are still unchanged. The packaging is just more atractive! Thank you, Dr Dasher!



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