Emotional Day


First, let me get all of the statistics out of the way. I've now lost 52 pounds at the 7 week point and I'm working on my third belt since the surgery.

All of that is really cool and I'm starting to get in a good eating groove. Or I was until this morning when I threw up for the first, second, third and fourth time since the surgery. It was eggs - turns out I'm not cracked out for them (pun INTENDED) just yet. Still, throwing up isn't nearly the event it used to be prior to the surgery and it's hard to quantify that without being too graphic.

The most emotional event since the surgery took place for me over the weekend. I'm confident I may be the only person in the world that gets emotional over this type of thing, so please forgive this emotional outburst of melodrama. But I was able to put my wedding band on my ring finger for the first time in nearly seven years yesterday.

The thing is, I've been an absent husband since the weight got out of control. And I've been absent in more ways that I could count for you. And not being able to wear that ring has been a constant reminder of my absentness.

So I wear the ring with pride. Not just because it means I've lost weight, but because I can now participate in life and love and be as close to a good husband as I can be. My wife has been very patient through all of this and it is past due that her patience be rewarded.

I'd love to say more here, but I'm in my office trying my best to stare down the tears and threaten them not to get any closer. I'll lose that battle if I say too much more.

I will write more later this week. Thanks for reading!




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