Day 10 Post-Op: Good News and Bad


The really good news is that the bloating has all but disappeared. Yeah! I can tell you that had me really worried for a while, maybe a little more than I let on. But it does go away.

The bad news is that I'm only 10 days out and mired in my first plateau. I've been stuck at this weight for the last four days, though I'm not getting too discouraged. I'm three days away from starting phase 2 of the diet - I'll actually start eating some food, even if it is just mashed potatoes, oatmeal and applesauce. That's still a great improvement over chicken broth and tomato juice.

One of the things Lisa told us during a post-op clinic was that some patients who chose to stay on the liquid diet for three weeks tended to lose the weight a little faster. That's great, but what's the rush? This diet is one I'll live with for the rest of my life, and the weight is going to come off, isn't it? It just seems to me that the urge to lose weight really quickly by sacrificing ourselves is what got many of us in the condition we are in. But that's just my opinion. If my body is ready to move on to the next phase, I'll ALL for it.

A couple of major discoveries this week have really made a difference. First of all, when you ask your spouse to purchase chicken broth for you at the store, you might want to proofread his or her work. For instance, if you just take a glance at the box and spot "sodium free" on the front, you might want to have one of those, "Honey, I know you mean well, but . ." and follow that up with a bang on his or her head with your best frying pan. All it takes is one bang, or at least that's what I can tell you from personal experience.

Another discovery I made also concerns sodium, but with drinks. Being diabetic, I've been drinking the crystal light hydration, which I was under the impression had as much, if not more, sodium than Gatorade. But 10 days later I went to Costco to purchase some V8 in bulk and discovered there is a huge discrepency in sodium and potassium between the two. However, in the other direction. Gatorade has 110 mg of sodium per serving, while the Crystal Light only has 60 mg.

I've really been questioning myself as to why I've gotten so weak after doing just a little bit of work. The reason I pass this on to you, is to implore you to be more dilligent than I have been so far when looking at labels. And to make sure you have a good frying pan, just in case.

On an encouraging note, I have not yet felt nauseous, nor have I thrown up because I've taken in too much. I have been meticulous to a fault when chewing my crackers and pringles. And, I haven't felt hungry yet.

The yang to that ying is that I went shopping with the family at the local mall, and they ate lunch in the foot court. The Chinese restaurant did not sell wonton soup, which surprised me almost as much as it disappointed me. But I can tell you it was the first time I felt depressed. It was more difficult than I can tell you to watch everyone eat - the mall was packed with tax-free school supply weekend shoppers - and there were signs hanging everywhere with pictures of food. I'm not hungry. But I did so crave almost everything I saw. Three days away from eating soft food may seem like a little amount of time, but it seems like forever to me. Following that, I've got six long weeks until I can start phase 3 - the final phase of my life. That seems like two eternities.

But the time will pass whether or not I'm on stage 1 or stage 2 or if I hadn't had the surgery and I was still stuffing my face. The difference is the outcome after that time. And I'm keeping my eye on the prize.



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