CT Scan No. 3


In preparation for this CT Scan, the doctor prescribed some pre-meds to avoid any allergic reaction to the contrast like I had with the last scan. Pre-meds include 150 mg of Prednisone, 300 mg of Tagamet, and 50 mg of Benadryl. I'm disappointed to be back on the Prednisone after finally getting off of it after five consecutive days. Somehow I'll choke down the additional 15 Prednisone pills that have to be taken in the 18 hours before the scan. We don't want any allergic reaction this time.

This past chemo cycle I paid more attention to when the side effects became more pronounced. The intestinal cramping took about 48 hours after the CHOP chemo and the metallic taste and irritability kicked in within 24 hours. Weight gain is about 15 pounds since the beginning.

I noticed some swelling in a gland on the front, left side of the neck today. I know these glands swell on and off in a normal, healthy person, but I will continue to monitor and notify my doctor at my regular appointment next week.

CT Scan went without incident. My oncologist's nurse left me a voice message late on Friday that it looked good so that I wouldn't worry over the weekend. Will get more details at my regular visit on Wednesday.



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