CT Scan No. 2 - (Journal Date: 4/8/05)


After putting away all that delightful barium sulfate solution, I had my follow-up CT Scan. This time I had a slight allergic reaction to the contrast dye that is added intravenously during the procedure. The reaction began as an intense itch and urge to scratch my right eyelid. When you are in the scanner with your arms crossed above your head and an I.V. in your arm, it is not an ideal time to be moving around and scratching your eye!!

When the procedure was over, I noticed my other eyelid beginning to swell too. As you know, there isn't much skin associated with eyelids and they get pretty uncomfortable real quick.

I called my oncologist and he asked to see me immediately. Things checked out fine, but I was informed that sometimes an allergic reaction can cause swelling of the throat and effect breathing...not cool!! He recommended pre-medicine for the next CT Scan to offset any reaction.

Always let your health care professionals know what you are experiencing and they can determine what is important.

A new developing symptom for me is swollen nodes in both armpits. I anticipate that they are just plugged ducts in the skin. However, since lymph nodes are located in these areas, I am concerned and will continue to monitor with my doctor.



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