CT Scan - (Journal Date: 2/18/05)


A CT Scan uses computers and x-rays to create pictures of the body's organs. The patient must drink two (2) Barium Sulfate solutions (450 ml each) prior to the procedure to create a dye for the x-rays to see. While the solution is not very tasty, chilling in the refrigerator is helpful!

My CT Scan ran from the chin to the groin since the vast majority of lymph nodes are located in this region of the body. My hips are feeling pretty sore today from yesterday's bone marrow procedure.

Friday night was my first decent sleep in over four days. I am not typically a worrier, but then again, I've never had a life threatening disease. I have noticed the absence of throat pain for the first time since the tumor was removed ten days ago. My energy is good, so we decided to continue with our plans to host a Daytona 500 Party at our home with friends. I can not overstate how important friends are at times like these. Also, how important it is to carry on with your normal life as much as you are able to.

The NASCAR Party was a big hit. Having an escape from all of the serious issues, even for a short time, was most excellent!! We continue to read more information on surviving cancer, but we are not yet able to use the "c word" (cancer) around other people only three days after the diagnosis.



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