Coming along!


Well, things are still progressing well. I am down a little over 90 lbs. I am two days shy of my six month and was hoping to be down 100 lbs. but, hey, who is going to complain?

Had a couple of milestones since my last post…I went shopping last Friday night and bought regular clothing, not PLUS sizes or the wide sizes (inside joke…my sister was shopping with me one time, who, by the way is skinny, and says, hey I found a 22 wide, she thought the W stood for wide! I explained what the W meant and we started laughing and then we had to leave the store because we were making fools of ourselves laughing so hard!) Anyway, I am able to wear a 14 in pants now, wow! I am not losing as much weight in my middle section as fast as I am in my legs. A 14 is snug in the waist but lose in the legs and butt! Oh well, who cares, it is not a wide size!

Still having hair issues! I have been sending out emails asking for any more suggestions. Still doing what is ordered via the manual, but looking for more info!

Had another funny moment the other day! I was out shopping, AGAIN and was at a shoe warehouse type store and they have these big columns that are mirrored. Anyway, I looked over and was like hey, there is a lady wearing the same outfit as me. I called out to my friend with me and went to point at the woman to show my friend and realized that it was ME in the mirror! I didn’t even recognize myself! Another hysterical laugh in the store!

Well, there is a MGB picnic here in Atlanta next weekend! I am looking forward to going and meeting new people and hearing all the wonderful success stories! And now, mine will be one of them!



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