Chemo No. 5 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 6/1/05)


I always feel the best the last 7-10 days prior to my next chemo session. So my Dad planned a visit to see us over Memorial Day Holiday. He and his wife timed it so that we had perfect 75 degree temps and we capitalized on outdoor activities. We took the boat out for a ride, fixed lawnmowers, shared grass cutting chores, picked cherries in the Blue Ridge Mtns., and even had a picnic at Stone Mtn. Park along a mountain stream. I think we grilled out just about every night and now my weight gain is pushing 20 pounds....remember I'm the only one with a doctor's excuse to eat like that!!

My daughters still like the short, thin hair look - or at least that is their story and they are sticking to it!! We'll see what happens after it begins to grow back. Who knows, maybe it will be dark and curly??

I've mentioned previously all the emotional, physical, spiritual, and other concerns that are so prominent for a cancer patient. I am realizing that there are some significant financial concerns as well. I am blessed to have very good health insurance, however, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the deductibles and co-pays. I would recommend to others to have a good organized system from the beginning as the bills come in. A single surgical procedure will typically be invoiced separately by anesthesia, the hospital, the surgeon, the lab, etc. An organized system, and some help from the HPRHS business office can be very helpful. Modern medicine is wonderful, but it is expensive!!!

Chemo Round 5 on Wednesday was the typical Rituxin, but I had a morning session since the afternoon was already filled up. Not much chance to cut up with the nurses today because they were short handed and super busy. I'll have to cook up something really good for Friday!!



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