Chemo No. 4 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 5/13/05)


Today we brought our youngest daughter (8) to the Cancer Center to have the benefit of experiencing the chemo process like her older sister did three weeks ago. Again, the nurses were wonderful and made her feel at home. She was curious about the porta-cath and learned that chemo wasn't such a bad thing. We brought in a lunch, had some treats, and played cards with our daughter.

Earlier in the morning, the wife and I had breakfast at the Farmer's Market and brought a hanging basket to decorate the bare shepherd's hook in the chemo courtyard just outside the windows. Mama even whipped up a batch of her famous blonde brownies to share with the other chemo patients.

Today is huge because it is the Relay for Life to support the American Cancer Society and the cure for cancer. What a great event to raise public awareness and funds for cancer research.

Prior to chemo we went to City Lake Park to set up a couple of awnings and a tent for the Relay for Life. After chemo we went over to register and participate in our first Relay. There were lots of sponsors that provided food and drinks. The Survivor's Lap at 7:00 p.m. was very emotional. I got to participate with a fellow cancer survivor from work. Together we made the lap around the course to the cheers of our friends and family. At 10:00 p.m. a luminaries display lined both sides of the course with candle lit bags purchased "in memory of" or "in honor of" the named cancer victims. When the lights were turned out and the bagpipes started to play, it was a very touching moment that left not too many dry eyes out there. Laps were walked throughout the night in support of the Relay for Life. There was a separate luminary display on an adjacent grassy hill with the bags arranged in the letters H-O-P-E. Excellent!!!

Having chemo earlier in the day, I was only able to walk on and off until about 1:30 a.m. Others kept going and taking turns through the night. We did stay in the tent with the girls, but I had a reclining lawn chair and they slept on an air mattress that went totally flat. Bummer.

I did get back out there at about 5:30 a.m. and walked through the sunrise. Too bad it was cloudy or it would have been really cool.

Hats off to the American Cancer Society and the organizers of this event that raised over $129,000 for such a great cause.

I am so proud of my office staff that put together a team in my honor just in time to participate. We had 100% participation from my co-workers and their spouses at the event and I sure appreciate them for being there. Our team raised over $3,200 in our first Relay.

The American Cancer Society has these events all over the country and I would encourage others to participate. It is unbelievable how many lives are touched either directly or indirectly by this terrible disease. Support the cause for research and finding the cure!!



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