Bridal bootcamp


The wedding is only about 6 weeks away. I seem to be stuck at 173.5 pounds and have been for quite a while. I'd love to be around 165 or lower for the wedding. I am now back to working out hard for 3 times a week and watching the nibbling I am doing.

Most brides order a dress 6 months ahead. Not me! This is a second marriage, and I am 58 years old, so the typical white dress and veil was never in my thought processes. However, I did want to wear something special. I could not decide what to do for several reasons. First, I didn't know if I would lose more weight by then and need a smaller size. The wedding is Sept 30th, so the weather was a factor. We are getting married in Las Vegas, and I worried about buying a dress here and getting it there without the airlines losing it. On line, I found a place called RentADress. Yes, that's right! It is in Las Vegas, so as soon as we get our license, we are heading over there. Steve will get fitted for a tux and I'll pick out one of their 300 dresses. They carry from size 3 to 30, so something will suit me, I'm sure. They will do any alterations necessary and deliver our wedding clothes to our hotel. Last count, we have 20 people joining us there from all over the country. That includes family, friends and some MGB pals which is extra special. We will all pile into a limo-bus that will take us to Red Rock Canyon for the wedding. OK, so maybe a white dress, but no train, seed pearls or ruffles. I'll let Steve pick it out, since I tend to still reach for clothes in the styles I wore at 250 pounds. He is the only one I care to please that day, anyway, and I want to look beautiful in his eyes. I promise to post a picture!



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