Bible Study - (Journal Date: 4/6/05)


I have been a Christian since a very young age. Approximately six months before my diagnosis, a dear friend of mine invited me to a non-denominational, Wednesday morning Bible Study by Search Ministries. I can honestly tell you that this time quickly became one of the highlights of my week both before and especially after my cancer diagnosis.

The peace, comfort, and hope that come from spending time with the Word are like no other. The Lord has graciously blessed us with a "guidebook" on how to live our lives to bring Him glory, how to live this life with purpose by pleasing Him, and He wants us to have a present tense relationship with Him.

I feel as though this Bible Study helps me find the hope that I seek at this most difficult time. It also helps me create a stronger relationship with the Lord. Spending time on our spiritual health helps balance our life and it moves us toward "spiritual maturity" as described in the Book of Hebrews.

I am confident that a present-day, genuine relationship with the Lord will be the most important aspect of my battle to beat cancer.



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