Back to Work!! - (Journal Date: 4/25/05)


Wanted to try going to work shortly after a chemo treatment. Worked most of the day, but I could tell that I was tired since I was awake since 1:00 a.m. (Thanks Prednisone!) Went home after about 6 hours.

Each treatment is rougher than the previous and the fatigue is very noticeable. I am experiencing the worst metallic taste of food since beginning treatments. Foods in any type of cream sauce are the worst.

I am noticing other problems like poor balance, irritability, poor short-term memory, and sometimes poor enunciation of words. Emotions are all over the place and it doesn't take much to get the tears going.

My patience with the family is not good and when the girls argue, it seems like it is magnified by about 500% in my head. It is very difficult to be tolerant.

My mother called tonight and I must have sounded pretty out of it even though I was trying to be made her cry.

I have explained to the family that the chemo drugs and the follow-up medicines are at war within me and I am not myself. It is so important to keep this disease from spreading into your relationships. I did call my mother back the next day and I let her know that Monday was my worst day and that I was much better.



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