3 month checkup


Going to the doctors for a checkup is actually something I look forward to now. I went for my 3 month checkup on June 8th. The weather was clear and sunny, so I rode there on my brand new trike. These things are rare in Vermont, so I tend to stop traffic or collect a crowd whenever I park it somewhere. When I parked in front of the doc's office, his assistant came running out all excited, yelling, "Wow!!". I stepped aside to let her look at the trike. "No", she said, "not that...look at YOU!" Not having seen me in 2 months, she was surprised by the change in me. I had to smile pretty broadly about that. People who see me every day don't say much because the change isn't so obvious day to day.

The visit with my doctor went well. He was very pleased with my progress, attitude, and adherence to vitamin schedule. It's all good.



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