1 month physican appointment


My MGB was done 1 month ago yesterday. Today, I went to my PCP for a follow up visit and for the first time, I was actually looking forward to getting weighed. His assistant greeted me, but she was more subdued than normal. Polite, but not as friendly as usual. I followed her down the hall to the examining room where she asked me what I was there for, since the folder just said "follow up". I told her I expected he would want to take a look at my tummy since I had MGB done. All of a sudden, the lights went on in her eyes. "I didn't recognize you! You look not just thinner, but your whole look, attitude, everything is so UP! My goodness, you look absolutely sexy! You are 57 and I'm 48 and you look younger than me!" Yes, I could have listened to her all day. I really do think the biggest change is in my attitude. I have an aura now! Sounds funny, doesn't it?

My blood pressure is down to about 131/70. It had been significantly higher before the MGB. My weight, according to his scale, is 222. Even better than I thought! I had given my doctor a copy of the MGB handbook to read before he approved me for surgery. Today, he expected I would want it back, but he asked if he could keep it. He wanted to use it to refer other patients for this surgery. He was extremely impressed with my follow up over patients he had seen who had RNY surgery. He was almost shocked that I had absolutely no vomiting or diarrhea episodes. He was blown away by how good I felt and looked. I told him that he could have patients call me if they wanted to know more. Every day, I am more convinced that this was the best thing I ever did for myself.



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