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High Point Regional Hosts Ostomy Support Group


High Point Regional Health System is hosting an Ostomy support group at the High Point Regional Bariatric Center the third Wednesday of every other month at 4:30 p.m. An ostomy refers to the surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes generally affecting the function of the colon, small intestine, or bladder.

“Ostomies affect people of all ages and walks of life,” said Susan Dunzweiler, ostomy care nurse at the Regional Wound Center.  “This support group provides them with a vital connection to other members of the community who are challenged by the same issues.  Through our sessions we are building connections, providing support, and sharing vital information that will improve the lives of every person involved.”

 Each year thousands of people of all ages have ostomy surgery. This life saving, and often life altering, procedure requires lifelong follow up with a physician and a WOC nurse (nurse who specializes in the care of patients with wounds, ostomies and continence needs).  Ostomies are the result of a variety of diseases and issues.  Whether temporary or permanent, patients undergoing ostomy surgery require intensive physical and emotional care.

People affected by Ostomy procedures can struggle with an array of issues physically and psychologically.  The reaction to intestinal or urinary diversion surgery varies from one individual to the other. To some, it will be a problem, to other, a challenge; where one person considers its life-saving, another finds it a devastating experience. Each person will adapt or adjust in their own way and in their own time.

 This support group is organized by the United Ostomy Associations of America, a nonprofit affiliation of support groups committed to the improvement of the quality of life of people who have, or will have an intestinal or urinary diversion.

To register to attend the Ostomy Support Group, please call 336-878-6888.

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