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High Point Regional Health System Taking Steps to Offer Healthier Foods for Employees and Visitors


High Point Regional Health System is taking important steps to offer healthier foods to employees and visitors including portion guidelines, healthy lifestyle education and employee incentives as part of NC Prevention Partners’ (NCPP) statewide Healthy Food in Hospitals initiative.

“We have been diligently working to offer healthy affordable options for our employees throughout the hospital in an effort to shift our organizational culture towards a healthier lifestyle by increasing the visibility and access to healthier foods,” said Latrice Bankhead, health and wellness coordinator, High Point Regional Health System.

The project is outlined by five core guidelines: Access, Pricing, Marketing, Employee Benefits and Education that all aim to make it easier for hospital employees and visitors to eat healthy.

High Point Regional is not alone in promoting a healthy food environment. NC Prevention Partners (NCPP) a statewide leader in reducing preventable illness and early death works with hospitals across the state to provide healthy, affordable food options in the cafeteria, vending machines and wherever food is sold or provided on campus. This project is funded by a grant from The Duke Endowment in a partnership with the NC Hospital Association.

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Chad Campbell (336) 878-6200
High Point Regional Health System

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